Sanjog, as a think tank organisation, works on the intersection of policy, gender and sexuality rights, leadership by survivors of violence in driving policy changes and impact of policy on members of marginalised groups.

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We Are Sanjog

Sanjog is a Social Impact organisation that leverages on research, policy and praxis. It enables youth and survivor leadership, gender & sexuality rights, and stands for community-led transformations in laws, policies and social norms. Sanjog believes in speaking for the self, passing the mic, and being more than just our stories/ narratives.

Social activism is most commonly associated with protests, grassroots mobilisation and organising of communities to challenge discrimination, abuse, violence and exploitation of people and communities. Very often, activism develops an adversarial position against the existing order or system

However, Sanjog believes that activism based on adversarial engagement with an established order, existing norms or system is limited in its impact. Effective activism operates on the principle that every member in a system is a part of the system, and contributes (knowingly or unknowingly) to a problem. Holistic activism is only possible when one makes conscious choices while reflecting on how every member of a system- including the marginalised, the oppressed, the privileged and even the helpless bystanders or uninvolved spectators contribute to the dysfunction in that system. 

Therefore the integrity of an activist begins with asking oneself the question – how am I part of the dysfunction? How would I like to be part of the solution? How do the identities of the victim, oppressor and the bystander play within me and in each one of us? 

This discourse is an interdisciplinary approach to activism drawn from social work, anthropology, psychology, process work and behavioural sciences. Sanjog’s organizational culture demands introspection, empathy, compassion and the understanding of social politics as a phenomenon of human evolution and not just a struggle for power between victims, villains and guardians of society. 

The 2021 Stop Slavery Impact Award rewarded to Sanjog by the Thomson Reuters Foundation is a validation of Sanjogs philosophy of working in collaboration with the system to create policies that engage with the demands of the marginalised.

Supporting Community Based Organisations
Facilitating Community Leadership
Creating Institutional Systems and Processes of Law & Policy Development
Building Accountability Systems

Sanjog's goal for 2025

Comprehensive Law
in India to address ALL forms of trafficking
State Governments
implement community-based rehabilitation for trafficked survivors
50 %
Increase in Efficiency
of state victim compensation schemes across India
2500 +
Survivor Leaders
enabled to engage in anti-trafficking policy development in India
Would you like to learn about Sanjog’s approach towards policy change? Would you be interested in learning how to become a systems’ influencer? If you are a fresher or a mid-career professional interested in building a career in systems’ influencing for social transformation, then become a member today!


Ram Mohan NVS

Secretary -HELP, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Our association with Sanjog for almost 10 years has added a lot of value and direction in our work on the protection and promotion of rights of women and children in difficult circumstances.  

Tomomi Shimizu

India Programme Director Kamonohashi Projects, Japan

The adjectives that come to mind to describe Sanjog are empathetic, playful, curious, inspirational, assertive, hard-working, evocative and provocative. Sanjog is also a disruptor, system thinker and ecosystem leader.  

Kaushik Gupta

Advocate, Calcutta High Court, Tafteesh

Sanjog, in the last eight years, has provided me with the space to experiment, take up challenges and explore new avenues to ensure justice for the survivors of human trafficking.

Shramik Adhikar Aur Nyay Sangathan

Chhattisgarh, India

संजोग के साथ हमारा अनुभव हम लीडरशिप के सही मायने से रूबरू हुए, हमारी स्वयं ताकत को पहचान पाए, हम क्यूँ लीडरशिप ले रहे है उसके वास्तविकता को समझ पाए।  

Ahmad Bari

Senior Portfolio Manager - Women Empowerment, EdelGive Foundation, India

Sanjog has demonstrated one of the best examples of nurturing survivor leadership. They have helped me realise the true meaning of "working with" survivors.

Suryaprabha Sadasivan

President, CHASE India

Knowledge, experience, and holistic problem solving are the key strengths we associate with Sanjog. Their collaborative spirit coupled with empathy and humane touch set them apart from most organizations.  

Utthan – Survivor leaders’ Collective


Sanjog to us is like the fertile soil, the nourishing wind, the friend who listens, the "stairs" to our dreams and the teacher who inspires us with knowledge, courage and inner strength. The power to embrace and tide over what was, what is and what can be --- that’s Sanjog for Utthan.

Sambhu Nanda

Programme Manager Barasat Unnayan Prostuti, West Bengal, India

I feel very comfortable working with Sanjog because I can share everything that I would with a best friend. I always think there is a life in Sanjog that listens to and understands everyone.  

Minh Dang

Survivor Alliance, United States of America and United Kingdom Executive Director

Sanjog is the kind of partner organization that one only dreams about. We can trust that Sanjog will consistently and reliably empower survivors to be leaders and to operate with the same values we hold dear at Survivor Alliance.  

Centre Direct

Patna, Bihar

Sanjog is an organisation in the country that always tries to work collectively on policy issues relating to anti-human trafficking.

Suresh Kumar

Executive Director, Centre Direct, Patna

Sanjog's way of doing policy interventions at the national level  in the realm of human trafficking is based on the facts and figures captured by extensive field research.

Rajesh Chaturvedi

Mission Rescue Operation, India and Nepal

The finest thing I experienced with Sanjog is its victim-centric approach. Working with Sanjog was a lifetime learning experience for me and also MRO giving us to look at the problem of human trafficking with a new spectrum which is truly helpful for the victims.

Adv. Abhijit H.Patil

Mrugnayan Social Welfare Foundation, Maharashtra

I learnt a lot from Sanjog and it gave me the opportunity to help people. Sanjog gave a new direction to my life. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you.